Pegas Drive PET Filler

The Pegas Drive PET Filler can be used separately or in multiples to fill soda water, beer or any other carbonated product where the goal is to maintain the correct carbonation level in the bottled product.

Key features:

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Can be panel or tower mounted
  • Fills any PET bottles


Product Description

Pegas Drive PET Filler


Switch handle – no need to pull the handle up now! Push the handle to feed gas, pull — to pour drink.

Throttle screw – the screw of a new device has a different thread pitch which allows control flows already at a 45 degrees turn.

Body – is strengthened at connecting pipe fixing place — plastic is now thicker so that when used or often dismantled, device body won’t crack or break.

Cork – having a cork removed, you can easily connect the device to a beer tap to pour it into a glass.

Cross-functional bottle-holder –  tightening both bottles with high and low necks. Bottles of various standards will fit — BPF, PCO1810, PCO1881. The place where bottle holder fixes a bottle is now strengthened with a metal sheet.