Repairs, Service, and Installation

We offer comprehensive nationwide servicing for a range of different equipment.


Our professional repair team can receive, process, and action urgent or service-related calls for draught beer equipment, walk-in or free-standing fridges and freezers as well as catering appliances.

Whether you need a quick maintenance check or a more thorough repair, our experienced technicians will get the job done quickly and effectively, with minimal downtime or interruption.

The equipment we service & repair

Catering Equipment

⇒ fryers

⇒ steamers

⇒ toaster

⇒ food warmers

⇒ grillers

Display Fridges

⇒ hinge door fridges

⇒ sliding door fridges

Walk-in fridges

Servicing of free-standing & built-in walk-in fridges

Ice makers

Repairing & maintenance of commercial ice makers

Medical fridges

We service medical fridges to the highest health standards, while offering innotative asset management solutuions.


Water Carbonators

We service water dispensers to the highest degree to ensure 100% clean drinking water& refreshing enjoyment.

Slush Machines

We never let the party end by ensuring that your slush keeps rocking!

beer dispensers

With 25 years of quality experience, our service complements the quality of your creation.


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