Lindr Soda AS-110

SODA AS 110 GREEN LINE is a professional device designed for producing chilled soda water by mixing H2O and CO2, with the capability to cool two additional beverages (beer, fizzy drinks etc.). Its high output of 60-110 l/h make it suitable for professional use in restaurants, inns and bars.

The Lindr Soda AS-110 delivers 3 products: 2 beers and a soda, or 1 beer, chilled and carbonated water – you choose.

Product Description

Lindr Soda AS-110


Benefits and useful features

  • COMFORTABLY PORTABLE – easy and safe handling and transport thanks to handles mounted on the sides.
  • OUTPUT – the device can produce up to 110 l of perfectly chilled sparkling or still water per hour.
  • EQUIPMENT – standard inclusions in a delivery are a thermostat allowing smooth and precise regulation of beverage temperature.
  • GREEN LINE – LINDR GREEN LINE technology is environmentally friendly thanks to the use of eco-friendly refrigerant R-290. Thanks to this design, each product achieves 20 % higher energy efficiency and 20 % lower energy consumption. We have introduced an energy saving system in the production.
  • LINDR COOLING TECHNOLOGY – always more powerful than its electric input power.
  • CONSTRUCTION AND SERVICING – the modern arrangement of LINDR cooling technology ensures ease of access for potential servicing and maintenance.
  • PERFORMANCE, QUALITY, SIZE – the best performance/ quality/ size ratio.