30L Slimline Keg (G Type Spear)

30L Slimline Keg made to exacting standards at our European supplier AEB Italy.

Please ask us for special markings on a pre-order basis: COLOUR BANDS, Embossing, debossing, laser etching, and engraving done on request.

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Product Description

30L Slimline Keg


  • Space saving under counter with a smaller footprint than conventional Euro type kegs.
  • Quality – same high quality Stainless Steel and material thickness as conventional kegs.
  • Saving – Cost saving over conventional Euro kegs as they are cheaper to produce.
  • Micromatic or DSi extractor tubes are available.
  • Warranty – although you won’t need this, we’ll offer it anyway for your peace of mind.
  • European quality – no compromise in materials results in a quality product that will last for up to 20 years in the trade.