Petainer Kegs 30L (G type Spear)

Petainer kegs are a lightweight alternative to steel kegs that offer considerable logistical savings. Made from recyclable materials, Petainer one-way kegs are a cost-effective way to sell beer without substantial investment in a fleet of stainless-steel kegs. Making them also a suitable choice for cider, cocktails, cold brew coffee, kombucha, wine, etc.

Product Description

Although it is highly engineered, the concept of the petainerKeg™ – like any great idea, is simple. It is a lightweight beverage container manufactured in recyclable PET and designed for one-way use. A range of sizes is available and there are versions adapted for use on existing filling lines.


Download and take a read through the attached documentation to give you peace of mind in our product:

White Paper Taste Test

VLB Report PetainerKeg

Petainer Keg Supply Chain White Paper


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