T-Bar Tower Bronze, 4 Tap, LED Tap Markers

A compact and beautifully crafted versatile tower to dispense your favourite beer, wine, coffee, soda or water. Robust build combined with a sleek tap design, the perfect tower to compliment your ice-cold beverages.


  • Manufactured in St/Steel, with a Bronze finish.
  • LED illumination to make your brand more visible.
  • Fits onto a 40 x 40 St/Steel glass rinser drip tray.
  • Can also be used with a standard 40 x 22 drip tray – with or without a glass rinser.
  • Use compensated or non-compensated taps.

Product Description

Box Dimensions: 119.5cm L x 81.5cm W x 24cm H

Weight per box: 10.74kg

Use this versatile tower with a stout tap to dispense nitrogenated beers, cold coffee, or similar products. It can also be used with an elegant stainless steel wine tap to dispense any wines or Prosecco or any other carbonated wine or cider products. It is equally able to be used to dispense carbonated soda products or beer with the correct tap and equipment set-up, just ask us how.