Sputnik Glass Washer

The Sputnik Glass Washer is a non-electric manual machine for washing glasses – to produce clear & clean glasses. It can easily be taken apart, making daily cleaning quick and easy.

Your restaurant glasses will be kept crystal clean, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.


Product Description

Sputnik Glass Washer


The Sputnik Compact can easily be fitted on any counter-top, only a water supply and drain outlet or sink is required. The unit is constructed from durable food grade plastics, ensuring a long service life.



  • Compact lightweight machine
  • Uses water pressure for washing
  • Zero power consumption
  • Simple maintenance
  • Water savings of up to 70 % compared to common manual washing in a sink
  • Suitable for all types and sizes of glasses
  • Perfect results, with cold water, using supplied detergent cubes
  • Beer clean glasses every time!

Download: Sputnik Compact Glass Washer Info [PDF]