Pygmy 25 Beer Dispenser, 1 Tap

The Lindr Pygmy 25 Green Line, dispensing machine is a top product among small portable coolers. It has everything that makes it the star of every celebration, garden party or just sitting with friends – compact size and adequate performance Thanks to all this, you can enjoy professionally chilled, draft and served beer or any other beverage in your home environment.

Maximum cooling capacity: 35

Air compressor: no

Number of cooled beverages: 1

Product Description

Lindr Pygmy 25 Green Line, 1 Tap

Benefits and useful features


  • INNOVATION – All our contact coolers are constantly evolving and meet all the latest safety standards and certifications (Czech and European).
  • PERFORMANCE – The PYGMY 25 GREEN LINE NEW with its increased continuous output 25-35l/h, enables the continuous serving of 50-70 high-quality chilled beverages during one hour.
  • GREEN LINE – LINDR GREEN LINE technology is environmentally friendly thanks to the use of eco-friendly refrigerant R-290. Thanks to this design, each product achieves 20 % higher energy efficiency and 20 % lower energy consumption. We have introduced an energy saving system in the production.
  • COOLING SPEED – The unique design of the cooling block with a perfectly tuned circuit guarantees not only the cooling of the beverage within a few minutes of switching on, but also the maintenance of a constant temperature if several beverages are dispensed in a short time.
  • BEVERAGE VOLUME IN THE COOLING BLOCK - A characteristic feature of our coolers is the large volume of beverage in the cooling block. Even the smallest models in the PYGMY series have a minimum of 0.5 l. The uniform inner diameter of the cooling coil (7 mm) from the dispense head to the tap guarantees cleanliness and optimal beverage flow.
  • COOLED TAP – You will appreciate the cooled tap, for example, on hot summer days, when it guarantees the optimal temperature of the dispensed beverage, for example at a garden party.
  • EQUIPMENT – The standard supplied part is a thermostat enabling continuous and precise regulation of the beverage temperature, a tap, a tap wrench, a drip tray and speed fittings for easy connection.
  • UNIVERSAL USE – The dispensing machine can also be used in combination with a dispense tower.
  • STAINLESS STEEL STRUCTURE – The complete structure and cooling coils are made of stainless steel. The materials used meet the highest requirements of hygienic standards and guarantee a long life.
  • OVERALL COMPACTNESS – Lindr Pygmy 25 Green Line, portable coolers have the best ratio of performance, size and price on the market.