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Filtration Systems

We stock sustainable Ultrafiltration water filters that stay consistently clean and provide high-quality water with every use.

The VZN ultrafiltration series delivers the highest quality water to your entire beverage portfolio while minimizing operating costs compared to any other filter systems on the market.

Our filtration Systems are designed to fit with our water dispensers to provide a complete solution.

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Bottling Table
Bottling Table

Our Filtered Still & Sparkling Systems

Our water bottling tables are robust, reliable, and compact.

They are built to last the harshest African climates and to produce chilled sparkling and still water, no matter the environment.

The AS-45 is a Soda water maker professionally designed to produce perfectly chilled soda water for up to 45lph. This reliable unit fits elegantly into any office, bar, restaurant, lodge, or home.

With the AS-45 you-

  • Save money on the cost of bottled water supply,
  • Enjoy increased fridge space,
  • Unique branding opportunities 
  • Increased beverage capabilities (flavoured soda waters)
  • Increased sustainability
  • Decreased waste and cleaning time

Coupled with a quality filtration system, these units will ensure that you are not cutting corners on health, quality, and peace of mind.

Bottling Table